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The Selection Centre

Top ranked applicants from the written tests will be invited to a half-day selection centre (face-to-face assessment). The selection centre will be held during the period 12-14 February 2018 in Loughborough. Applicants must be available for these dates as alternatives will not be provided.

Selection centre test elements are:

  • face-to-face interviews with each candidate interviewed in six short panels
  • a written test of qualitative and quantitative analytic skills
  • a group exercise.

Full details of the venue and requirements of candidates will be sent to those applicants invited to attend the selection centre.

All elements of the selection centre will be scored by fully trained assessors and the total scores will be combined with scores from the assessment centre to give a final ranked score. There is a minimum total score set for the selection centre and a minimum score for individual elements of the person specification for consideration for appointment. Both requirements must be met before a candidate may be considered for an offer for training. If your score is below the minimum level we have set, you will receive notification that you have been unsuccessful this year.

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