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Training Placements

All trainees are required to gain experience in at least two different training locations, in addition to health protection experience, in order to be exposed to a wide range of organisational cultures and public health issues.

Recommended learning experiences in terms of potential vehicles and settings for demonstration of competence are included with each learning outcomes framework for the nine areas of public health.

Recommendations for safe trainee changeover
The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) and NHS Employers have provided guidance which offers simple, practical recommendations that can be implemented in organisations to help mitigate the problems associated with simultaneous trainee changeover.

Doctors in training in the UK have historically started new six-monthly rotations in February and August, with the majority of junior doctors rotating to new training programmes during the first week of August.  There is increasing evidence to show that simultaneous changeover is associated with reduced efficiency and increased mortality. AoMRC and NHS Employers have worked with partner organisations to recommend four simple measures that can help avoid these potential problems:

Appropriate availability of consultants
Flexible and intelligent rota design
High quality clinical induction at all units
Reduction of elective work at changeover time.

The AoMRC guidance can be found here

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