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Transport Special Interest Group

The Faculty of Public Health’s Transport Special Interest Group (SIG) has been established to develop and promote evidence-based policies on transport and health through:

  • Stimulating research
  • Discussing and disseminating evidence and ideas
  • Advocating a healthy transport strategy
  • Responding to consultations.

On the basis of current evidence we support a transport system in which most people mostly walk for journeys up to a mile, cycle for journeys of several miles if they can (or buses if they can't) use the train/cycle combination for longer journeys, reduce business travel by use of telemeetings and use high-speed rail for international travel.

The SIG is supported by the Transport and Health Study Group (THSG), an independent organisation dedicated to understanding and addressing the links between transport policies and health, and promoting a healthy transport system. It has produced Health on the Move 2, a clear and comprehensive account of what would constitute a healthy transport system.

Chair: Steve Watkins ( )

Interested in joining the Transport SIG? Members can join the SIG in two ways:

  • Join as a member of the FPH Transport SIG for free (contact ) or
  • For an annual subscription of £5, join the Transport and Health Study Group which gives access to both the SIG and other additional benefits, such as a free licence to Health on the Move 2, or a reduced rate subscription to the Journal of Transport & Health. For more information, contact Liz Davies at