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UKPHR opens consultation on revalidation

The UK Public Health Register (UKPHR) has opened a consultation on a proposed revalidation scheme which they plan to bring into operation next year and ally to all registrants (with some minor exemptions).

The UKPHR see this as an important step in maintaining the assurance of professional competence that registration with UKPHR represents. Registrants have a professional obligation to keep their competence up to date and to strive for improved quality of service. Revalidation is intended to be UKPHR’s way of giving assurance that this professional obligation is being met by all registrants.

The UKPHR have published draft guidance alongside the draft revalidation scheme in order for the consultation to be as meaningful as possible.

The consultation, draft scheme and draft guidance can all be accessed on the UKPHR website here.

The Faculty of Public Health will also be formally responding to the consultation. If you would like to feed comments into our response please email

Written: 02/06/2016 , last modified: 01/09/2016