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We all need to work together to tackle obesity

Commenting on the Change 4 Life campaign to make people aware of the hidden nasties in their food, Dr John Middleton, Vice President of the Faculty of Public Health, said:

"While the Faculty of Public Health agrees that shoppers need to know what is in the food they are buying, information alone will not change people's eating habits in the long-term. FPH has long been concerned about food poverty: what we eat is not just affected by the food we buy but where we live and how much we earn. Though it may seem to go against common sense, I am in no doubt that obesity has become a disease of poverty in the UK.
"There are several reasons for this: getting access to reasonably priced fruit, veg and healthy options can be difficult for people who don't live near the shops or markets that have the best deals. The recession has also put huge pressures on all aspects of household budgets, and we have seen an increase in people using food banks.
"While in principle we welcome efforts by manufacturers to offer discounts on healthy products, we know that some families fill up on cheap, unhealthy food that could be produced more healthily if companies chose to do so. We all need to work together to tackle the root causes of obesity, not just the symptoms that are easy to treat."

Written: 07/01/2013 , last modified: 14/03/2013