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We need local leadership for public health

A BMJ investigation has found that money meant to improve public health has been diverted by councils in England to other areas because of cutbacks.

Commenting on the findings, Professor John Ashton, President of the Faculty of Public Health, said:

“Public health is a broad church – but it’s not so wide that it can be stretched beyond all reasonable definitions. Our members have been telling us for over a year that the huge changes to the way health services are provided would be bad for people’s health. These results confirm those fears.

“We know that councils are being hit hard by funding cuts, and public health is being affected by this. Nonetheless, we need all councils in England to have Directors of Public Health with the authority to take the tough decisions that are needed to improve and protect local people’s health.”

Written: 27/03/2014 , last modified: 26/09/2014