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Welcome decision on meningitis B vaccine

The Joint Committee on Vaccinations (JCVI) has recommended that the meningitis B vaccine be prescribed to children.

Commenting on this decision, Professor John Ashton, President of FPH, said: "We very much welcome this announcement, which is great news for children’s health. Meningitis seriously disables more babies and toddlers than any other infectious disease. We now need the manufacturer of the Meningitis B vaccine to agree on an acceptable price as soon as possible to prevent any further illness and disability.

“We also look forward to the JCVI’s decision on whether boys will be prescribed the HPV vaccine. As part of a proactive approach to protecting our children and young people’s health, it makes sense to give teenage boys as well as girls the HPV vaccine, which is already happening in Australia.”

Written: 21/03/2014 , last modified: 26/09/2014