Delivering Better Health for All - a five-year vision

Delivering Better Health for All - a five-year vision, published in July 2015, sets out the Faculty of Public Health's (FPH's) strategy for the next five years. It represents a summary of collective ambition following extensive consultation with FPH members, staff and Board. The ambition it sets for FPH is bold and challenging: to maximise effective public health action at local, regional, national and global levels by drawing on and supporting its members to deliver, influence and lead public health.

This will be done through FPH's four priorities of:

We will set an ambitious advocacy agenda with clear priorities and a strong evidence-base to drive positive changes in public health policy

We will act as a synthesizerof knowledge and evidence to speak as the independent advocate for population health

We will set high quality standards that assure effective public health functions

We will be the standard-setter and assessment body for specialists and practitioners in public health

Delivery of these will be supported by FPH's four enablers:

Our membership will actively contribute to all aspects of our strategy

We will increase the profile of FPH, and our members, as an authoritative, credible, evidence-based voice of public health

We will put public health at the heart of wider agendas through strategic collaborations with
other organisations

We will build global public health capacity through education, training and standards, and advocate for better global health

Read the full text of Delivering Better Health for All - a five-year vision here.