CPD Director


To provide leadership on all aspects of FPH continuing professional development (CPD) schemes for specialists and practitioners.

Accountable to the FPH Registrar and the Director of Education and Professional Standards in delivering the objectives set out in the FPH Strategic plan and FPH Workforce Standing Committee and CPD Advisers Committee work plans. Will work closely with the Vice-Chair of the CPD Advisers Committee and CPD Advisers.


1. Provide leadership and support to FPH staff, especially the CPD Administrators, and develop links with FPH working groups or lead persons for clinical governance, professional standards and audit.

2. Liaise with the CPD Administrators as required and ensure that systems are in place to process routine business and deal with urgent matters effectively and efficiently.

3. Provide effective leadership of FPH’s CPD Advisers and chair quarterly meetings of the CPD Advisers Committee.

4. Work with the President, CEO, Registrar and vice chair of the CPD Advisers Committee (elected from the group and approved by the Board) to provide support for CPD Advisers and ensure that CPD maintains a high profile among all members of FPH.

5. Provide leadership in collaboration with the Registrar and Director of Education and Professional Standards on the development and delivery of the FPH CPD Accreditation scheme.

6. Report through the Workforce Committee and provide advice on CPD related issues to the Workforce Standing Committee, Education Committee, FPH Board and other committees and FPH groups as appropriate.

7. Take a lead role in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of policy and good working practice in relation to CPD on behalf of FPH.

8. Lead the regular (annual) review of existing policies relating to CPD and contribute to their further development and website as appropriate.

9. Communicate with the FPH membership through FPH publications and e-mail/letters to provide updates on CPD policy and related matters.

10. Lead the CPD audit process, agreeing standards with the CPD Advisers and providing training to help to ensure consistency.

11. Review audits deemed unsatisfactory by two CPD Advisers using a standardised checklist to give an overall ‘satisfactory’ or ‘requires improvement’ (in the first year) or ‘unsatisfactory’ (in further years) assessment.

12. Deal with requests for exemption from CPD audit and other ad hoc decisions relating to FPH CPD policy.

13. Liaise with individual members about their CPD and audits, providing information and feedback where necessary.

14. Collaborate with the CPD Administrators to provide reports of progress and developments within CPD to FPH committees (identified in item 6 above) on a regular (quarterly basis) and to produce an annual report; for the FPH AGM normally held in June.

15. Represent FPH on relevant external groups and ensure that FPH Officers and CPD Advisers are kept informed of progress, CPD initiatives, policies, etc, emanating from other faculties and colleges: and that they in turn are kept informed of FPH initiatives and developments; contribute to the development of joint reports, publications etc. as appropriate.

16. Encourage the development of links with the Republic of Ireland and other overseas faculties of public health CPD directors e.g. Canada, Australasia and Hong Kong and facilitate the exchange of good practice within CPD.

17. Work with others (e.g. university departments, educational institutes) to encourage appropriate research into new and innovative ways of increasing the educational effectiveness of CPD.



Three years. May be reappointed for one more consecutive two year term or for two more consecutive one year terms, following which they shall not be eligible for reappointment as CPD Director until a period of at least one year has elapsed.



• Fellow of FPH in good standing for at least three years
• Has held a consultant or equivalent post for at least three years
• Must be well organised, have strong leadership skills and work well with a wide range of organisations and disciplines.
• Must be up to date with CPD and annual audit requirements
• Has experience of being a CPD Adviser
• Must have received equality and diversity training within the last three years.

• Has good knowledge of the content of the FPH CPD Policy and Guidance.