FPH Subscription Rates 2022

Subscription Rates for Members in the UK, EU and Switzerland
Reduced subscriptions
Salary levels for each reduction

Membership Grade


20% reduction

33% reduction

20% reduction

33% reduction

Fellows & Fellows through Distinction






Members & Members through Distinction






Honorary Fellows and Members






Training and membership for STRs






Diplomates (not in training scheme)












Enrolled Practitioners






International Practitioner


















Associates with CPD







Retired Rates Fees


Salary level

Retired – Lifetime



Retired – Annual Fee



Retired but still receiving income from public health related work



Retired but earning more than £20,000 from public health related work then the Fellow/Member full rates apply subject to salary level reductions.

FPH subscriptions run from 1 January to 31 December of each year. Your renewal advice will be sent to you in December each year. If you have a query regarding your subscription rate, your direct debit or any other financial details then please contact our Finance team on finance@fph.org.uk or 020 3696 1465.

Reduced rate subscriptions

Applications for reduced subscription rates based on earnings must be made each year and before 31 January of the year to which the subscription relates.

Applications for retired rate subscriptions must be made before 31 March of the year to which the subscription relates if not the retired fee will be applied at the next renewal. Applications received

  • Prior to 31 January will result in the retired fee being applied for the entire year.
  • Between 1 February and 31 March will result in a pro-rata fee being applied from the date of notification

Subscriptions whilst on maternity leave are charged at 50% of the full rates- applications must be made prior to commencement.

Specialty Registrars enrolled in the training scheme

All Specialty Registrars who enrolled from 2016 onwards will pay the Training and Membership subscription. Fees are not charged to StR’s whilst on maternity leave or out of programme provided that notification is received by FPH prior to commencement. It is the responsibility of the StR to notify FPH.

Fees are Tax Deductible

FPH subscriptions and Examination fees are tax deductible as they are considered professional fees. This means that you can claim back the tax when completing your annual tax return. This is in accordance with section 344 of the Income Tax Act 2003. FPH is on List 3 and is listed as: Public Health of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom, Faculty of.

Subscription Rates for Members from outside of the UK and EU


World Bank Income level

High Income

Upper/ Middle Income

Lower/ Middle Income

Low Income

Percentage of full fees















Other fees



Diplomate exam


Membership exam


Revalidation Fees