Practitioner Membership

Practitioners may join FPH if they can demonstrate that they meet the following criteria and have this assured by an existing FPH Member or Fellow.

  • A relevant professional registration (details contained in our new FPH Practitioner Membership Guidance)

  • A Graduate qualification in a relevant field or equivalent

  • Current experience working at the level of a practitioner for at least 3 years

Practitioner membership helps you plan, shape and direct your career by giving you the tools and opportunities to ensure that your skills and the standards of practitioners across the UK are the best that they can be.

Practitioners who are part of a UKPHR registration scheme can also join as Enrolled Practitioners to help support their portfolio development.

Enrolled Practitioner membership

Enrolled Practitioner membership grants you all of the benefits of practitioner membership but also allows you to take part in more benefits which will help you get the skills and competencies for registration.

If you sign up as an Enrolled Practitioner and then complete your registration simply let us know and we will upgrade you to Practitioner Membership without any additional costs.

Membership fees

Both Practitioner and Enrolled Practitioner membership cost £151 a year and can be paid via a monthly direct debit. However, if you are earning under £20,000 or are already a member of a professional association requiring registration with any of our required regulatory bodies, then you only need to pay £121 a year.

If you would like to become an FPH Practitioner or Enrolled Practitioner, please complete an application form and submit it to

If you have any questions please feel free to email us or call membership on 020 3696 1483.


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