Nominating new members


Every year, we ask our Fellows to nominate brilliant Public Health professionals to join FPH.  They can be paramedics, police officers, midwives or dentists.  FPH are open to welcoming people working in areas not traditionally covered by our specialist training programme.  Also we are encouraging people who live/work outside the UK. We value the broad range of expertise and experience these colleagues bring to the public health family. 

All Fellows of FPH are invited to submit nominations for the 2018/19 proposals round for the following grades of membership between Monday 13 August and Friday 14 December 2018:

  • Practitioner Membership through Distinction

  • Membership through Distinction

  • Fellowship through Distinction

  • Honorary Membership

  • Honorary Fellowship

This provides an excellent opportunity to make sure that everyone who has made a significant contribution to public health gets the formal recognition they deserve by receiving the highest and most sought-after levels of membership available at FPH, and the use of post-nominal letters to reflect that. This year, we were pleased to welcome our Distinction and Honorary members at a celebratory event that included the annual DARE lecture.

Please note the following changes to the nomination process that came into effect on 2nd October 2018: 

  • People who aren’t yet members are able to nominate themselves (but will need to include two supporting references) 

  • Fellows may now nominate as many people as they like (because we’ve lifted the ‘three nominations per Fellow’ cap)

  • Nominations for Practitioner Membership through Distinction can now be made throughout the year (this came into effect in August 2017)


What’s the nomination process?

To apply, read the ‘guidance for proposals’ document to make sure you correctly understand the information we need to score the nomination and give you the best chance of success. All nomination forms must be typed electronically and can be signed using electronic signatures. Completed nomination forms should then be returned to us via email to no later than 5pm, 14th December 2018. Please note that this is a final deadline and nominations will not be accepted after this time.


FPH Nomination Form

FPH Nomination Guidance for Proposals


When will I find out if my nomination has been successful?

Nominations will be considered at a meeting of the Fellowship Committee in January 2019. The successful nominees will be notified in March 2019 and will be officially awarded their new membership status (once admission forms have been returned and fees paid) at the FPH AGM early next summer. Those nominees who do not quite meet the criteria will be offered other types of membership and will be given the opportunity to apply again next year.