Practitioner Masterclass Accredited Programme

27 Mar - 27 Mar 2018


The programme utilises FPH years of experience in delivering successful courses within public health area. The programme is designed to give a fantastic opportunity to develop skills and knowledge to those who is not a specialist or practitioner in public health, but has the opportunity or ability to positively impact health and wellbeing through their work within this increasingly challenging environment.

The programme is delivered on 6 series of half workshops to allow you to take on studies at a level a pace to suit your personal and professional life.


  • This is a unique opportunity. The course will help to develop and understand how to form a portfolio of evidence against the UKPHR practitioner standards for registration. The course will give you opportunity;

  • you can use CPD credits obtained here as part of further knowledge and hone your knowledge and understanding about public health (those who have recently moved into public health public health from another discipline/area

  • to collate evidence against the UKPHR practitioner standards to build your portfolio in readiness, if you are considering UKPHR practitioner registration scheme. 

Course modules

  • Introduction to Public Health: the context and climate of practice (9:20-12:30)

  • Accessing, appraising and applying the evidence base (9:30-12:30)

  • Developing and evaluating interventions, programmes and service collaboratively and in partnership (13:30-16:30)

  • Understanding risk, and ways of communicating risks to health to different stakeholders (9:30-12:30)

  • Epidemiology, identifying needs and health intelligence (13:30-16:30)


Some of our most recent feedback has included:

''Thank you, the session was brilliant'', Health Protection Practitioner who attended Introduction to Public Health: the context and climate of practice session.

''I will apply this knowledge when planning and implementing a new Public Health Programme''.