Aim of the programme

The Public Health Practitioners programme aims to:  

  • create an environment in which practitioners can learn, or update learning, in the areas of competence described in the UKPHR practitioner standards; the theoretical and technical disciplines that underpin public health practice

  • provide linked learning opportunities to professional frameworks such as the UKPHR standards and Public Health England Public Health Skills and Knowledge Framework (PHSKF)2

  • provide training that practitioners can be confident is at the right level to demonstrate their competence (Level 6 of the national qualifications framework/degree level)

  • provide an optional accreditation through Skills for Justice assessment 3

  • enable practitioners to apply knowledge acquired during the learning process, and to reflect on the application of the knowledge, to their practice

  • provide training that will generate suitable evidence for inclusion in the practitioner portfolio for assessment


We recognise that people in public health careers have often come from a range of other professions and the workshops are designed to provide the theoretical knowledge to underpin good public health practice.

Each half day module is designed to fit into people’s busy schedules and delivered by an experienced Public Health facilitator with an emphasis on discussion and exercise designed to help attendees understand the theory and reflect on how this can be applied on a day to day basis in their roles. The content is reviewed on an annual basis to ensure the material is of continued relevance for Public Health.

The modularised nature of the learning means that people are able to pick which modules they wish to attend and fill the gaps in their knowledge.

The modules are also an excellent opportunity for those experienced Public Health professionals to go back and refresh themselves regarding key areas of training, or those from professionals from other areas who wish to fill in gaps in their knowledge

The modules are available for delivery as a 3 day cohort made up of 6 half day modules, or as standalone modules focused on the topic for the entire day.


“The most useful part of the day for me was the practical examples of balance between theory & activity & linking to practical examples from work. ” Attendee from London workshop (Public Health ethics and values and how they inform  a public health approach).

For further information on the course please contact the Education & Training team at or