• The programme is administered by the Education & Training team, with an external programme lead overseeing the educational content and the evaluation process for the programme.
• Facilitators come from the Faculty membership and all are required to confirm that they are in good standing, up to date with their CPD and vetted to ensure that they have the suitable knowledge and experience to deliver the workshops.
• Learning outcomes have been identified for each of the 6 modules which make up the programme. These are mapped against the UKPHR Practitioner Standards and the Public Health England Public Health Skills and Knowledge Framework (PHSKF). The learning is delivered at level 6 of the national qualifications framework/degree level, as recognised by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education.
The programme is accredited by Skills for Justice (a not-for-profit organisation committed to the development of an improved and sustainable workforce across the UK) and attendees can seek certification upon completing the modules. Accredited piece of work contributed to the portfolio requirements for practitioners who are working towards UKPHR registration
The 6 modules
• Introduction to Public Health: the context and climate of practice
• Epidemiology, identifying needs and health intelligence
• Accessing, appraising and apply the evidence base
• Public health ethics and values and how they inform a public health approach
• Developing and evaluating interventions, programmes and services collaboratively and in partnerships
• Understanding risk, and ways of communicating risks to health to different stakeholders
Target Audience
• People who are who are practicing public health in any organisation who need to consolidate their knowledge and those preparing their portfolio for professional registration as a public health practitioner.
• People who are undertaking or planning to undertake UKPHR practitioner registration scheme.
“For me as I am new to Public Health, this is a good way to broaden my knowledge.” Attendee from London workshop 2018 ( Introduction to Public Health module).