Workshop 1: Introduction to Public Health: the context and climate of practice Context – organisational, strategic, political and legislative, priorities for the UK and how the workforce is organised. Statutory requirements.

Workshop 2: Epidemiology, identifying needs and health intelligence

Workshop 3: Accessing, appraising and applying the evidence base

Workshop 4: Developing and evaluating interventions, programmes and services collaboratively and in partnerships. How do we maximise on opportunities to manage public health problems and challenges?

Workshop 5: Public Health ethics and values and how they inform a public health approach. How do we know how best to tackle these challenges? Part 2 – ethics and principles of practice

Workshop 6: Understanding risk, and ways of communicating risks to health to different stakeholders.

How do we educate and engage the public, their careers, advocates and representatives, so that they can make informed choices to manage their own health, and the health of others? What works against us?