“I was fortunate enough to be able to book and attend all of the six masterclasses held over three non-consecutive days
The facilitators were all knowledgeable and well versed in the UKPHR standards for practitioners which helped immensely .The classes also provided me with an opportunity to interact with other participants from a wide range of areas within the field of Public Health.
A variety of teaching/learning styles were utilised, which always involved all of us sharing learning with the facilitator and/or each other.
After attending the masterclasses I was able to understand how to form a portfolio of evidence against the UKPHR practitioner standards for registration. In addition to that I was able to collate current evidence against most of the UKPHR practitioner standards to build my portfolio in readiness, for the UKPHR practitioner registration scheme.
Whether you have recently completed your MSc in Public Health or have been working within public Health for a long time or anything else in between. I do recommend that you consider attending the masterclasses and I am fairly confident that you will find them invaluable.”
Glenda Bonde
Community Development Manager
National FGM Centre


“I attended all six of the FPH accredited Practitioner workshops. The two most significant improvements that have occurred as a result of taking part in the accreditation process would be a better level of confidence in my knowledge of accessing and applying the evidence base to projects and also using UKPHR and PHSKF standards as a base for continual professional development and identifying areas of improvement.
After going through the accreditation process I have incorporated the learning I gain by applying the assessment writing technique into my daily work and thinking about what knowledge I have on a specific project/ programme of work. This allows me to assess whether I need to read more around that topic, I also then look at how I am applying this knowledge and I always reflect on my work to see what I have learnt and if there is anything I would do differently.
I decided to apply for SFJ accreditation as a step in starting and progressing in my professional development especially after graduating from university and starting a new job. I found it very useful, in terms of assessing my knowledge and identifying gaps. This has also helped me to start preparing my work and recording evidence for when I complete the full practitioners portfolio.
I would definitely recommend this SFJ accreditation as it allows you to refresh your knowledge or fill in any knowledge gaps. I think it is also useful to complete the assignment as it allowed me to see how I am applying the knowledge gained into my area of practice.
To contribute to the outcome I wanted I did extra reading around the workshop topics.”
Amber Nyoni
Public Health Practitioner
Public Health and Protection Services
Chelmsford City Council


"I certainly found the UKPHR Practitioner Programme useful as it was the next step in my public health journey.
I was not only able to reflect on my previous experience from previous job roles and university courses but re-visit some public health areas I was weaker at through the masterclasses that were provided. This also provided useful evidence to reference within my commentary’s.
The biggest challenge of the course for me was the writing in the specific commentary format. This involves writing in the first person however, this does become clearer after the initial Portfolio Development Group.
I would thoroughly recommend the UKPHR Practitioner Programme to any enthusiastic public health professional."
Mark Jordan
Public Health Commissioning Officer
Strategy and Commissioning
Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead