Glenda Bonde, Community Development Manager, National FGM Centre


I was fortunate enough to be able to book and attend all of the six masterclasses held over three non-consecutive days in winter 2018.
The venue was a lovely welcoming building which was easily accessible as it was  not far from Euston Station and we access to the great facilities within that building and this all made for a very pleasant learning experience.
The facilitators were all knowledgeable and well versed in the UKPHR standards for practitioners which helped immensely .The classes also provided me with an opportunity to interact with other participants from a wide range of areas  within the field of Public Health.
 A variety of teaching/learning styles were utilised, which always involved all of us  sharing learning with the facilitator and/or each other.
 After attending the masterclasses I was able to understand how to form a portfolio of evidence against the UKPHR practitioner standards for registration. In addition  to that I was able  to  collate  current evidence against  most of the UKPHR practitioner standards to build  my  portfolio in readiness, for the  UKPHR practitioner registration scheme.
 Whether you have recently completed your MSc in Public Health or have been working within public Health for a long time or anything else in between. I do recommend that you consider attending the masterclasses and I am fairly confident that you will find them invaluable.