FPH Specialty Registrars Welcome and Induction Event

29 Sep - 29 Sep 2020

, via Zoom

All new Specialty Registrars (StRs) enrolling in 2020 are invited to a virtual welcome and induction event on Tuesday 29 September. The event will run from 14:30 till 16:00 and will be held via Zoom meetings. It’s a great chance to meet fellow Specialty Registrars, senior Officers in the Faculty, staff from the Education & Training team and find out a host of information to help you get started in your public health training.


Introduction and welcome to the FPH

Maggie Rae, Faculty President

David Chappel, Academic Registrar


Introduction to the SRC

Alex Allen, Chair Specialty Registrars’ Committee


e-Portfolio – all you need to know

Gareth Cooke, Education & Training Manager


Faculty Special Interest Groups

Julian Ryder, Director Education, Training & Advocacy


Faculty exams

Saran Shantikumar, StR Diplomate Exam Committee rep

Anne Whittington, StR MFPH Exam Committee rep



Irfan Ghani, Director of Training

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