Dr Stephen Watkins, Vice-President for Policy at the UK Faculty of Public Health (FPH), responds to new measures announced in the Government's Childhood Obesity Plan

25 June 2018, Dr Stephen Watkins

“Childhood obesity is a major health threat and the impact, extending into adult life, could damage health for years to come. We are therefore delighted to welcome yesterday's announcement of a comprehensive approach to the problem and congratulate the Government on this announcement.

“The emphasis on schools including their influence on diet and the promotion of physical activity through measures like the Daily Mile is a positive step forward. So is the proposal for involvement of the planning system where we hope to work with ADPH on the proposals to give local areas more power to create healthier places.

“We also welcome the Government’s plans to consult on new TV and online advertising restrictions to prevent unhealthy food and drink being promoted to children because we know this is a significant risk for childhood obesity and the development of diet-related diseases. We believe that action against junk food marketing to children will support those aims and be critical to their success. Every part of society needs to work together to achieve it including the Government, parents and public health professionals.

“Looking to the future, we’re pleased that the Government has acknowledged the need to support local authorities because they will play a key role in tackling this problem but they must have the resources they need to do the job. That’s why we look forward to working with the Government not only on the implementation of ‘chapter two’ of the childhood obesity plan but also to ensure that public health teams in local authorities have the resources they need to deliver it well.”


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