FPH President supports Duncan Selbie's ambition to put prevention at the heart of the NHS long-term plan

06 September 2018, Prof John Middleton

On 6 September, Public Health England (PHE) CEO, Duncan Selbie took part in a panel discussion at Expo 2018 to talk about prevention and the NHS long-term plan. 

In response to Duncan's speech and PHE's statement, Professor John Middleton, President, UK Faculty of Public Health (FPH), said: “We agree that putting prevention at the heart of the NHS long-term plan presents an unparalleled opportunity to turn the tide on some of our biggest killers. Not only is this a good thing in itself, but preventing illness and prolonging good health will reduce long-term pressures on our entire health and care system and will help reduce inequalities.

"Our members working in the NHS and local authorities have told us that the NHS has a critical role to play in supporting, delivering, and leading the national prevention agenda and we’re delighted to see PHE lay out a framework of what that could look like. Together our membership knows a great deal about what works when it comes to the NHS delivering prevention and we look forward to being part of the current ongoing engagement around the priorities that PHE has raised today, as well as what else is needed to ensure that the NHS can make a system wide shift towards prevention.

"Over the coming months, as part of our Public Health Funding campaign, we’ll be working with our members and the wider health community to investigate the prevention interventions that are having the most impact and that are cost-effective. We hope the results of work can feed in to the development of the long-term plan positively and we look forward to updating our members and other partners as our work develops.” 


Click here to read Duncan Selbie's priorities for the NHS long-term plan.

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