FPH launches guide to using public health duty to ‘Do No Harm’ as part of Brexit campaign

20 September 2018, FPH Policy & Communications Team

In May 2018, following a campaign led by FPH and a coalition of 64 health organisations and charities, the Government confirmed that:

  1. There will be no rollback of public health protections after Brexit

  2. Current EU public health duty to ‘do no harm’ will remain

Today, FPH launches a guide for public health campaigners to explain what these Government commitments mean and how they can be used to protect the public’s health during Brexit negotiations and after we leave the EU.

Prof John Middleton, President of the UK Faculty of Public Health, said: “Earlier this year, the Government made a number of commitments to protect and improve the public’s health as we leave the EU, but health campaigners continue to raise concerns about the impact Brexit will have on the health of the nation. We developed this guide to help campaigners communicate these concerns in a way that will hold the Government to their commitments. But we also want the guide to support the Government in keeping public health at the front of mind during Brexit negotiations.

“That’s why I urge health campaigners and civil servants to download and use our guide to protecting the public’s health as we leave the EU. We’re keen to hear what you think so please let us know if we can improve the guide in a way that will better support the work you’re doing.”


Click here to read and download the guide.

About the UK Faculty of Public Health (FPH)

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