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You cannot alter the amount of the payment so if you have any queries regarding the charge please contact the finance department at finance@fph.org.uk.

Refunds Policy

Membership (EU and non-EU)

Membership rates are agreed by the Board and are due for payment in January of each year. Changes in circumstances during the year impact fees for the following as opposed to the current year, unless you notify the membership team by 31 March in the current year.  This includes requests for salary related adjustments to your membership fees and/or requests for Treasurer's discretion.

If however you pay an incorrect fee please contact the subscriptions department finance@fph.org.uk so we can investigate and arrange a refund.

The Board may at any time remit or reduce any fee or subscription of a member or it may authorise the Treasurer to do so at the Treasurer’s sole discretion.


Candidates withdrawing from an examination after the closing date and up to one week before the examination will normally be charged 50% of the fee.

  • No refund will be made to candidates withdrawing within seven days of the examination.
  • No refund will be granted without written notice of intention to withdraw.
  • A greater refund may be granted at the discretion of the Academic Registrar under exceptional circumstances.


The revalidation service fee is non- refundable, if a doctor withdraws from the service and the annual appraisal meeting has already taken place, no refund will be given.

A partial refund may be considered if a doctor breaks their Prescribed Connection to FPH due to a change in their employment circumstances (e.g. retirement, change of employer, change of career)thereby no longer requiring our revalidation service. A partial refund may be granted if the doctor’s annual appraisal meeting has not yet taken place. The refund will represent the appraisal fee element of the revalidation service fee applicable at the time, see the fee split information set out on page 1 of the FPH Revalidation Service Fee Policy (available on the right of this page and on the main FPH website).

In all cases it will be for FPH and/or the Responsible Officer to determine whether a refund may be granted. Please contact: Revalidation@fph.org.uk with any queries.