The Role of the NHS in Prevention – what public health and NHS leaders are telling us

We’re delighted to publish our second discussion paper in our ‘Role of the NHS in Prevention’ project. This paper builds on many of the themes in our first discussion paper and draws on a rich and varied evidence base, including: opinion polling of over 300 NHS leaders about prevention, FPH surveys and focus groups, and over 50 pieces of written feedback that we’ve had about our developing project findings via email and Twitter. 

The discussion paper explores the following issues:

  1. Prevention priorities within the context of the NHS Long Term Plan – where do public health and NHS leaders align, where are the differences, and how can we work together to prioritise effectively over the next 5-10 year period?

  2. Barriers to effective NHS prevention – what is getting in the way? We look particularly at funding and governance structures

  3. The NHS role as an advocate for prevention – what does impactful NHS advocacy for prevention mean? What areas should the NHS as an advocate look to address?

  4. The FPH role in NHS prevention – how can we as the standard setting body for public health and the voice of the current (and future) public health specialist workforce best support national prevention and population health aspirations?

You can share your feedback in the following ways:

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  • If you’re an FPH member, join our Public Health Funding Campaign ‘sounding board’ and getting involved in the further development of our thinking. Email to find out more

Click here to read the discussion paper and click here to read our summary report of our NHS leader opinion polling findings