NCDs and COVID-19 resources

There is a clear relationship between NCDs and COVID-19. Below highlights resources explaining the links between COVID-19 and NCDs, the impact and also action currently being taken.

NCD Alliance

The NCD Alliance has a dedicated webpage with resources for navigating the impact of COVID-19 and NCDs on each other. 

They highlight the key impacts between COVID-19 for NCDs as:

  1. Higher risk of severe complications of COVID-19 (for people living with NCDs and those with compromised immune systems)
  2. Responses to COVID-19 causing disruption of services for prevention and treatment of NCDs
  3. Potential long-term increase in NCDs, through long COVID-19 and a new wave of NCDs linked to the effects of COVID-19
  4. Unhealthy industry using COVID-19 response as a marketing opportunity

NCD Alliance FAQs about NCDs and COVID-19.

NCD Alliance resources on COVID-19 guidance relevant for specific conditions.

World Health Organisation

Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (February 2021): said in a statement , “fewer NCDs would have meant fewer deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic”.

WHO NCD/WIN Working Group on COVID-19 and NCDs: has been established to support efforts to “Strengthen the design and implementation of policies, including for resilient health systems and health services and infrastructure, to treat people living with NCDs and prevent and control their risk factors during the COVID-19 outbreak, with a particular focus on countries’ most vulnerable to the impact of COVID-19”.

WHO Information Note on NCDs and COVID-19