Resources on Sustainable Development and Climate Change

Climate change has been identified as the greatest threat to global public health for this century. It is incumbent on all public health practitioners to be aware of the many aspects of this threat, and what can be done to mitigate them. 

The resources uploaded here have been created by members of the Faculty of Public Health Sustainable Development Special Interest Group (FPH SD SIG). They aim to support specialty registrars and their educational supervisors in meeting Faculty of Public Health learning outcomes, especially KA 5.7 (see endnote). They also offer information for all consultants and practitioners in public health on sustainable development and climate change.

Each resource is a two-page introductory summary of a major topic in sustainable development, with references and signposts to more detailed information, explaining the relationships between the work of public health practitioners, the causes and effects of climate change, and health. 

Reflecting the structure of the FPH’s learning outcomes, the resources are grouped into the categories of “knowledge” and “action”.  Many topics have both a “knowledge” and an “action” resource.  However, many of the “knowledge” resources do contain many ideas and examples for interventions.

Sustainable development is a fast-changing field. The resources are concise summaries and cannot therefore be comprehensive.  They will be updated periodically by the FPH SD SIG. We welcome comments and suggestions for improvement at any time.  If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please email

The resources have been written by: Stuart Aldridge, Kristin Bash, Isobel Braithwaite, Anna Brook, Katie Clare, Amanda Donnelly, Karen Exley, Jenny Griffiths, Simon Hailstone, Dawn Jenkin, Anna Jones, Owen Landeg, Karen Lau, Helen Macintyre, Angelique Mavrodaris, Alice Munro, Yannish Naik, Emer O’Connell, Jo Parry, Revati Phalkey, Helen Ross, John Thornes, Jeremy Wight and Sarah Woodhall.

Sixteen resources are currently uploaded – 9 “knowledge” resources and 7 “action” resources.  Others are being prepared and it is planned to have a total of approximately 20 resources in due course.

CPD questions are included at the end of each resource.  Where appropriate, answers can be found in the PDF “CPD Model Answers”.

We commend these resources to all Faculty members and associates.

Helen Ross, Chair, Special Interest Group – Sustainable Development

Resources to follow

• Sustainable diets and food systems
• Human movement
• Economic sustainability – action

Model answers to CPD questions

Download here

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Extract from FPH Curriculum

  • Knowledge base
  • Principles of sustainable development
  • Health co-benefits of climate change mitigation and adaptation

KA 5.7 - Demonstrate leadership in environmental sustainability with a focus on the links to health and climate change

  • Be able to articulate the health co-benefits associated with environmental sustainability
  • Advocate for the inclusion of environmental sustainability into health improvement strategies and work with others to show leadership in sustainability and health
  • Incorporate consideration of environmental sustainability into at least one piece of work