The role of the NHS in prevention

In 2018, FPH received an award from the Health Foundation to deliver a project examining the role that NHS organisations play in prevention. Following a diverse programme of evidence-gathering, which includes an evidence review of prevention in different NHS settings, a stakeholder workshop, and a series of informal interviews with public health stakeholders, we have now published the first of three discussion papers which reflects on our learning so far.

The discussion paper explores the following three main themes:

1. What does the evidence tell us about what works?
2. What are the different roles the NHS plays in support of the prevention agenda?
3. Where should the NHS focus its prevention efforts, now and in the future?

Please have a read of the discussion paper and tell us what you think. We’ve posed a series of questions that we’d love your help answering.

You can share your feedback in the following ways:

• Tweet us @FPH
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• If you’re an FPH member, join our Public Health Funding Campaign ‘sounding board’ and getting involved in the further development of our thinking. Email to find out more

Click here to read the discussion paper.


FPH commissioned the Evidence Centre to research how the NHS is currently delivering prevention, explore its impacts, and examine its barriers and enablers. You can read the full report here. 

We also completed a review of the grey literature, which you can read here.

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