#PublicHealthLooksLike: a photo competition to celebrate and bring to life public health in all its forms

FPH has launched a photo competition to celebrate what public health looks like. The aim of the competition is to encourage our members, the wider health and care community, and professional and amateur photographers to capture powerful images that bring to life the incredible breadth and diversity of public health.

Why have we launched a photo competition? We know from speaking to our members working in the UK and around the world that public health wears many different guises. From police officers helping communities overcome violence, to midwives making sure new mums get the support they need, to data analysts sharing vital health protection information, our members and the work they do defies easy representation. Despite this, we think that public health in all its forms should be celebrated, which is why we've launched this competition to garner photographs that truly bring it to life.

What are we hoping to achieve? We hope this competition will provide us with an inspiring collection of photographs that can help us achieve a number of things. Firstly, we want to use the photos to visually show what public health is and to bring to life what our members and wider public health community do across all of our comms channels including our website, e-bulletin, blog and Twitter profile. Our ambition is that the photos will give people working in public health a sense of pride when they look at them and give others a better understanding of what public health is.

Our challenge to you is to capture a photo that describes what public health is to you and that you think communicates FPH’s mission to achieve better health for all. To get you thinking, here's some inspiration of the sorts of things you could consider photographing:

  • The issues — from air pollution to poverty, is there a single issue that you think could be the ‘poster child’ for public health, and why we need it?
  • Public health interventions — this could be anything from cycle paths, free community running events, nutrition campaigns (e.g. ‘5 a day’), or stop smoking services.
  • The workforce — in the UK and around the world, the core public health workforce spans a variety of roles including environmental health officers, academics, scientists and people working for local government doing things like developing plans to tackle obesity and drug-use in their local communities. But there's also a lot of other occupations that help improve the public's health including dietitians, farmers, nurses, unpaid carers, physios, paramedics, personal trainers and midwives. 
  • The community — from free local events to encourage people to get fit or meet new people, we're increasingly recognising the importance of community as a vital public health resource that we'll need to tap into to help us live healthier and happier lives. What kind of things happen in your local community that you could capture to bring this to life? 
  • The future — genomics and digital technology are changing, and will change, the face of public health for the next generation. What do you think the future of public health looks like?

What can you win? We're really excited to announce that the ten winning photos will be displayed at a photography exhibition in Spring 2019 and a virtual exhibition that will be housed on our website. This means that your photo will be seen by a huge number of people and used to illustrate public health for years to come. In addition to that, all of the photos will be celebrated in a special edition of the FPH e-bulletin which is distributed to all of our members, and you'll be given the opportunity to get involved in comms. There will also be additional prizes available for the people who take the three best photos, which will be as follows:

  • The winning entry: £250 cash prize and a year's free FPH membership 
  • Two ‘highly commended’ entries: £100 each and a year's free FPH membership*

How will the winners be chosen? A panel of expert judges of senior public health professionals and photography experts will agree on a shortlist of their 20 best photos shortly after the competition closes in October. From there, FPH members and the public health community will have a month to vote for their favourites and the ten winners will be notified in early 2019. For further information, please read the terms and conditions here.

How do I enter? Enter the competition by taking a photo that depicts what public health looks like to you, then fill in the form below to submit it. Please note that you can enter the competition up to five times, but you must fill in the form each time you enter.

Deadline for submissions: Friday 19 October at 23:59.

Enter the competition here!

*Please note that the two 'highly commended' entries will win a free year's Associate Membership. If you're already a member of FPH, the value of an Associate Membership will be deducted from your fees. For more information, please refer to the terms & conditions.