#PublicHealthLooksLike: meet the judging panel 

Our judging panel, who will be choosing the shortlist of the 20 best photos, includes experts from across the worlds of public health and photography. The judges are:

  • Andrew Furber, Centre Director of PHE Yorkshire and Humber

  • Hannah McKay, Pulitzer Prize-winning Reuters photographer

  • Heema Shukla, FPH member & Chair of our Arts & Health Special Interest Group

  • James Gore, Interim Chief Executive at FPH

  • Linda Hindle, Lead Allied Health Professional and engagement lead for police, fire and ambulance services at PHE

  • Matt Writtle, documentary and portrait photographer

  • Sir Michael Marmot, Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at UCL

  • Rachel Thomson, FPH member and Project Scheme specialty registrar

  • Uy Hoang, FPH member and Chair of our Public Health Film Special Interest group

Here are quotes from some of the judges on why they're looking forward to judging FPH's photo competition to celebrate what 'public health looks like.'
Sir Michael Marmot: “Photos have a very important role in illustrating, complementing and illuminating scientific understanding. For example, I’ve been heavily involved in creating the executive summary of a report on health equity and health inequalities in the Americas for the Pan American Health Organization, for which pictures were critical in helping us bring the good and bad findings to life. While facts matter, images move us.  I am looking forward to judging the Faculty of Public Health’s photo competition.”
Linda Hindle: "The FPH photo competition is a fabulous way of illustrating the many aspects of public health.  I am delighted to be part of the judging panel and can’t wait to see the entries."
Hannah McKay: "Public health is an important factor that effects everyday lives around the world and I'm looking forward to seeing the range of approaches people use through photography to illustrate it. I will use my experience as a photographer who has spent time covering stories that relate to public health which range from the Rohingya refugee crisis to a daily life feature in an NHS hospital and apply these to judging the entries for the competition." 
Matt Writtle: "Our health is fundamentally essential to a happy and prosperous life so am very excited to be asked to be a judge of this photographic competition. 
"Sometimes it’s not easy to live a healthy life due to the circumstances in which we are born. Education, wealth, prejudice, environment and opportunity are all factors that can determine the kind of life we live. What inspires me to pick up my camera is to document how we deal with the circumstances we’re dealt. What is it about the environment in which we live that restricts or enables us to live a healthy life?
"I am keen to see how others addressing these issues, using their camera to capture this world."