Explaining the new changes to the CPD Policy



When is the new CPD Policy coming into effect?


The new CPD Policy came into effect on 1 April 2019.


What are the key changes that I need to be aware of?

  1. From 1 April 2019, it became compulsory to upload your personal development plan (PDP) onto the CPD Diary. We know that a lot of our members use this function already but for those of you that won’t, we hope it will make the CPD experience a lot better because it’ll be easier to show a direct link between your PDP objectives and CPD activities

  2. If you’re a Practitioner, we have merged the CPD Policy for Practitioners with the main CPD Policy because the same standards apply to everyone (except for the number of credits they need to comply with and the way these credits need to relate to their PDP)

  3. We’ve added in a link to the new GMC guidance on reflective practice so that you’re up to date with it. You can learn more about how to write reflective notes via this link.

  4. We’ve reduced the number of FPH members whose CPD returns are audited each year


What else has changed?

We’ve made a number of other small tweaks which you can view here.

Alternatively, you can read the new CPD Policy in full here.


I’ve got a question about the changes to the Policy. Who can I speak to?

If you have any questions, want to share feedback or if there’s a specific area of CPD that you’d like a bit more guidance and support with, please contact your regional CPD Adviser in the first instance. You can find the contact details for the CPD Adviser in your region by clicking here. Alternatively, you can email the CPD team at FPH: cpd@fph.org.uk.


Here is a list of useful links and documents that might be of interest to you

  • Review the changes in granular detail here 

  • Access the new CPD Policy in full here 

  • And finally, click here to read the recent blog by the CPD Committee about our recent successful CPD Audit which might help you with future CPD returns.

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