Changes to CPD policy April 2019

The CPD Advisers Committee reviewed the CPD policy. The following changes were approved by the FPH Board in November 2018 to come into effect on 1 April 2019:

• There is now no separate CPD policy for practitioners but all information relating to them have been incorporated into the main policy. The rationale behind this is that the same standards apply to both specialists and practitioners (the only difference is the number of credits they need to comply with and the way these credits need to relate to their PDP)

• Information and links around revalidation have been updated

• Under 4.2 (categories of CPD), ‘Conferences, workshops and educational meetings’ has now been split into two (conferences is a separate item)

• From 1 April 2019, it is mandatory that all members enter their personal development plans (PDP) on the online CPD diary

• Links to the new GMC guidance on reflective practice have been added

• The size of the audit sample has been reduced to 10% which will be randomly selected from a list of those who are undertaking public health CPD through FPH’s scheme. Previously the sample contained a 20% non-random plus a 2% random selection

• The audit timeline flowchart has been updated

• 7.10 (Sanctions that FPH will apply in case of an unsatisfactory audit) has been further clarified and updated (including: from 1 April 2019 regional CPD Advisers will be given the names of unsatisfactory auditees in their regions)

• 7.11 (Appeals mechanism) has been updated in line with updated FPH Exams appeals policy

• The section on exemptions has been moved to the back of the policy

• The web links under ‘References’ have been updated

• Original appendix 1 (Core Principles for Continuing Professional Development by AoMRC) has been removed

• The ‘Guidance for CPD participants submitting an Appeal’ within the CPD appeals policy has been taken out, it is now a separate document

• Original appendix 6 (Audit checklist form for CPD returns) has been taken out

• Original appendix 7 (Key Changes to the CPD Policy) has been taken out

To download the new CPD policy click here.