FAQs on CPD and COVID-19

Due to the situation with COVID-19, we have introduced some new measures in relation to CPD and the issuing of certificates of good standing.

Have the Faculty CPD requirements been suspended?

The Faculty Board has agreed to suspend the usual requirements for CPD for a specified period. This is in response to the extraordinary pressures many of our members are under in the efforts to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

What does this mean in practice?

This means that we are temporarily removing the requirement to submit your CPD records by a certain date and in a particular way. We notified members in March 2020 that we would extend the deadline for submitting your CPD activities; this deadline remains extended. Additionally, the normal CPD categories we would expect to see activities spread across will not apply until March 2021, so members are not restricted in the way they can claim CPD credits. We would still expect CPD recorded to reflect the actual the jobs of members, but current roles may not exactly correspond to existing personal development plans (PDPs).

Can I still submit a CPD return?

Yes – if members wish they can still submit as normal.

Is the online CPD diary still available?

The online CPD diary is still available to members to use to record your CPD activities. The online diary will remain open apart from a very brief period in May or June (exact date tbc) when we will be carrying out some minor improvements to the diary.

Will I get notification of my CPD submission?

Yes, you will get an email at the point of submission indicating the number of credits/hours of CPD you have logged. This can be used for appraisal and revalidation purposes.

Will I still get a certificate of good standing from the Faculty?

In these exceptional circumstances, there will be a presumption that Faculty members are in good standing for CPD and FPH will communicate with all members in due course. The best way to receive evidence of the CPD you have undertaken is to make a submission via the online CPD diary to generate a confirmation email which can be used for annual appraisal.

Audit process

The process of auditing CPD submissions will not take place in either 2020 or 2021.

How does this affect my revalidation?

For doctors who had a revalidation date before the end of September 2020, the GMC have deferred revalidation by one year. This is to give responsible officers and doctors more time to reschedule and complete appraisals. The UKPHR have released specialists from professional appraisal and revalidation requirements for the time being. CPD is part of the supporting information that members would normally provide for their annual appraisal, and we encourage members to continue to undertake CPD when and where possible.

When will this be reviewed?

The Faculty will look at the CPD policy regularly as the COVID-19 situation develops.

How can I contact you?

Please note that we are receiving large numbers of enquiries and are endeavouring to respond as quickly as we can. We urge you to read all our FAQs thoroughly before contacting us directly, and thank you for your patience.

Faculty of Public Health CPD Helpdesk: cpd@fph.org.uk.