What is the CPD scheme?

In order to comply with FPH's minimum standards for CPD and to remain in good standing, all FPH members must either submit a satisfactory CPD return for the previous CPD year, or have been formally exempted by FPH from this requirement.

This must be done as soon as possible after 31 March and no later than 30 April each year.

The return must meet the minimum FPH requirements of 50 credits per year (15 credits for Practitioner Members). Gaining more credits does not necessarily equate with better learning or higher quality of practice.

FPH reserves the right to check the accuracy of any returns made via the annual audit.


Key points

  • All members of FPH must participate in the CPD scheme, unless they are subject to special agreed circumstances, to remain in good standing with FPH.

  • Participants must have a current Personal Development Plan (PDP), developed as a result of professional appraisal or annual review. See Appendix 4 of the CPD policy for more information.

  • Specialists taking part in Faculty CPD must undertake at least 50 credits of CPD each year, at least 25 of which must be linked to their PDP. Practitioners must ensure they undertake a minimum of 15 CPD credits per year, at least 7 of which must be linked to their PDP.

  • All credits claimed must be supported by a reflective note. A maximum of 5 credits may be claimed in any one reflective note and a minimum of 40 credits must be supported by a reflective note that is assessed to be ‘satisfactory’ or ‘good’ for specialist CPD. For practitioners, a minimum of ten credits must be supported by a reflective note that is assessed to be ‘satisfactory’ or ‘good’.

  • It is the responsibility of individuals to meet the requirements of the CPD Policy.


For non-members

If you are not a Fellow, Member, Diplomate or Practitioner member of FPH, you can apply for Associate membership and then register to participate in the CPD scheme. Find out more about membership.


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