Appraisal for 2021-22 for doctors connected to FPH

We know that doctors who were deeply involved in the COVID-19 pandemic response last year are still likely to be deeply involved. However, we feel it is important for doctors who have missed an appraisal to have an opportunity to have an appraisal meeting which focusses on their wellbeing. It is our experience that most doctors have found this opportunity to reflect on what they have learnt and experienced, and to develop a meaningful and achievable PDP to be very helpful.

Appraisals will emphasise the importance of supporting your personal and professional development, and in particular, there will be a focus on how you have maintained your health and wellbeing during the pandemic, any support you might need, and your PDP for the following year.

For doctors who have had an RO approved missed appraisal in 2020-21, and who continue to be very busy, in order to reduce the burden of preparing for your appraisal we are following advice developed by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and reducing the emphasis on the production of physical evidence for appraisal 

  • With this reduced administrative burden, we expect preparation for appraisal meetings to now take around four hours.
  • If you have already collected good quality supporting information you are encouraged to present it and discuss it at their appraisal. The focus is very much on quality over quantity.
  • Whilst the FPH has suspended its CPD requirements, you are encouraged to identify one or two pieces of key learning and upload a brief reflective note on L2P to help inform your appraisal discussion. Likewise, supporting information relating to safety / quality improvement should be focused and just enough to inform the appraisal discussion.
  • It is important that you include supporting information about serious incidents and complaints. But again it should be focused and give your appraiser the information required to help you both review what happened and the subsequent learning. If relevant, the GMC have helpful advice about being put in a position where you find yourself working outside your normal range of competencies. Don’t forget to note compliments and positive feedback!

For doctors who had a routine appraisal last year there will still be a focus on your wellbeing, in the context of the current COVD-19 pressures, but otherwise you should prepare for your appraisal as normal (noting the comments above about limiting your supporting information to what is practical and really necessary).

With this in mind, your main focus this year should be on:

  • make sure your scope of work is up to date;
  • reflect briefly on your last PDP objectives;
  • reflect on how the COVID-19 response has affected you (if it has);
  • if you use the FPH online CPD diary, use the 'export evidence for appraisal' tool to produce a list of CPD activities done since your last appraisal and a selection of reflective notes. As a minimum, you should reflect on two pieces of key learning;
  • if you have already reflected on some quality improvement (QI) activity, please upload it onto L2P - do not worry about this if you have not;
  • identifying and reflecting on any significant events, complaints, compliments or achievements;
  • if you have already done any colleague feedback, please upload it - but do not worry if you have not;
  • sign your health & probity statements; and
  • think about potential PDP objectives for the coming year.

If you are approaching Revalidation you will need to work with your appraiser to ensure that, over this Revalidation cycle, you have provided all the supporting information that is required. However please contact FPH Responsible Officer if there are any domains that prove challenging so a practical plan to address any problems can be worked out.

This guidance is for the appraisal taking place between April 2021 to March 2022 only. We are hoping to return to normal appraisal after that time.