Multisource feedback

At least once in each five-year cycle, and before their revalidation date, a doctor must collect feedback from patients and colleagues, which is called multisource feedback (MSF).

We recognise that, due to the nature of public health practice, it may not be appropriate or possible for some doctors to collect patient feedback. The exact requirements of this can vary and this is something you will need to discuss with your appraiser and Responsible Officer (RO). We encourage you to think broadly about what constitutes a patient in your practice. For example, you might want to collect feedback from:

  • Clients, suppliers and customers
  • Appraisees
  • Students
  • Recipients of report your provide

The GMC has written case studies for doctors whose patients can’t give feedback or who have limited patient contact. You can access this resource here. One scenario is written from the perspective of a Director of Public Health which you can read here.

Feedback tool

FPH has sourced a suitable questionnaire which you may want to use. We are not requiring doctors to use this tool: if you have a suitable alternative, one that meets GMC requirements, let us know and you will not be required to undergo an additional MSF.

You can review a sample Public Health Form here. There are two forms shown, one is for academics and one is for doctors. You should choose the one labelled "Sample Public Health Form".

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