Is FPH your designated body?

The GMC has developed an online help tool to help you find which organisation is your designated body. You should take the test before connecting to FPH.

There is a clear set of rules that determines which organisation is your designated body. You cannot choose who will be your designated body or responsible officer (RO).

For the majority of public health doctors, it will be straightforward and your designated body will be your employer (NHS Trust, board, health authority, agency, or similar). Only a UK organisation can be a designated body. This means that as you change employment over the years, most likely your designated body will also change. It is important that you keep the GMC informed of such changes.

For a small number of public health doctors, FPH will be their designated body. If you have gone through the GMC online help tool and believe that we are your designated body, please email us: so we can confirm the connection and give you more information about our revalidation service. Only FPH members that are in good standing can take up our revalidation service.

FPH as a designated body

What we do as a designated body is:

  • Appoint and train appraisers meeting the GMC standards to enable them to carry out annual revalidation-ready appraisals and assist doctors with the development of their PDP
  • Make available a tool for the collation of supporting information that forms the basis of the appraisal discussion
  • Provide access to a RO who will make a formal recommendation to the GMC about a doctor’s fitness to practice
  • Offer advice through a dedicated mailbox and telephone line, as well as FAQs and other information on our website
  • Offer general advice (not funding) on remediation where there are concerns about a doctor’s practice

Our fee

To provide a revalidation service, we have to charge an annual fee to the doctors connected to us. We do not receive any funding for our statutory duties in providing the revalidation service, and the FPH Board has agreed that it is unreasonable to provide this service, which is not a universal requirement to all our members, out of annual subscriptions. 

We review the revalidation service fee each year, to take into account the number of doctors using the service, as well as any additional costs and price changes. We aim to keep the cost we charge to members as low as possible. Our appraisal cost at present is £400; this is embedded in the fee and is what we pay our team of FPH appraisers for each appraisal they conduct.

The fee to access the FPH revalidation service during 2021/22 is £1300.