Clinical excellence awards 2020

Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA)

Clinical Excellence Awards are awarded to NHS (England and Wales) consultants and academic GPs who perform 'over and above' the standard expected of their role.

The Faculty of Public Health is one of the nominating bodies for ACCEA, and a FPH committee reviews and scores (based on ACCEA scoring criteria) these applications. The Faculty makes direct nomination rankings to ACCEA for national levels, gold, silver, bronze and renewal. 

The 2020 round opens Monday 2 December 2019.

All forms and guidance documentation can be found on the ACCEA Website. The Faculty has published a short guide on the application process but it is vital that you read the guidance issued by ACCEA NHS Consultants’ Clinical Excellence Awards Scheme Guide for Applicants. 

Nationally and across specialties, women and members from ethnic minority groups are under represented amongst applicants for awards and the Faculty is especially keen to encourage these members to apply. 2020 will also be the last year for applications and renewals under the current (transitional) system. A consultation about the new scheme, which will be introduced in 2021, is expected in the new year. 


The deadline for submitting a nomination to the Faculty for all awards (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Renewal) is 10.00am on Monday 10 February 2020. Please email your application and citation form to