LETBs Deaneries

Deaneries/LETBs are in charge of all training in a demarcated geographical area. The delivery of training is overseen by a Training Programme Director.

Training placements will usually be within one deanery but may be across deaneries in special circumstances. Please see the Out of Programme page for further details.

In each region in England there are one or more postgraduate deans who, with their regional postgraduate medical education committees, oversee training in all medical specialties in their locality. Similar arrangements apply in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Inter-deanery transfers

The National Inter-Deanery Transfer (IDT) process has been put in place to support registrars who have had an unforeseen and significant change in circumstances since commencement of their current training programme. The process is managed by the National IDT team (Health Education South London) on behalf of the Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans (COPMeD), Health Education England (HEE) and all UK regions. If you are planning to apply for an IDT process, please visit the website for guidance.

Maximum Training Capacity (MTC)

Further information can be found on the Training Policies page.

Training Programme Directors

The training programme director (TPD) is appointed by a dean and has a key role in managing the specialty training programme across a geographical area. The fundamental role is that of co-ordinator and communicator between registrars, the Postgraduate Deans, the local Public Health Specialty School and the Faculty of Public Health (FPH).

The key roles and responsibilities of a TPD include:

  • Administration and management of the training programme(s) on behalf of the Postgraduate Dean.
  • Participation in the recruitment and appointment process.
  • An initial assessment of the Specialty Registrar's learning needs and the most appropriate placements for each registrar at the start of and throughout training.
  • Induction into public health training in general.
  • Overseeing the delivery of the training.
  • Assisting in the appointment, training and updating of educational supervisors.
  • Monitoring and inspection of training placements.

If you have any queries relating to possible applications and/or eligibility please contact the Public Health National Recruitment Office (PHNRO) in the first instance. PHNRO can be contacted at publichealthrecruitment.em@hee.nhs.uk

Defence Medical Services
Dr Carl Griffin
Training Programme Director and Consultant in Public Health, Defence Medical Services
Tel: 01543434232
Email: carl.griffin109@mod.gov.uk

East Midlands
Julie O’Boyle FFPH
Health Education England, working across the East Midlands
E mail: Julie.oboyle@leicester.gov.uk

East of England
Dr Sara Godward
Training Programme Director, Public Health, East of England (South Zone)
Tel: 07526 095784
Email: sara.godward1@nhs.net

Dr Anne Swift
University of East Anglia and University of Cambridge
Email: Aks76@medschl.cam.ac.uk

London and South East
Please look at our web page to see information about our training programme, starter placements for training and our policies.

Details of how to apply for a training placement can be found on the FPH Recruitment information web page. If these do not address your queries, please contact Dr Jean Chapple in the first instance:

Dr Jean Chapple FFPH
Public health consultant and training programme director SW London, Surrey & Sussex
Email: jean.chapple2@nhs.net

Dr Jane Scarlett MRCGP FFPH
Consultant in Public Health
PH Commissioning Team, NHSE London
Email: Jane.Scarlett@phe.gov.uk

Dr Yvonne Young FFPH
Consultant in Communicable Disease Control
South West London Health Protection Team Public Health England
Email: Yvonne.young@phe.gov.uk

Ellen Schwartz
Consultant in Public Health
London Borough of Croydon
Email: ellen.schwartz@croydon.gov.uk

North East
Dr Kirsty Foster
Training Programme Director for Public Health
Health Education England North East
Tel: 0844 225 3550
Email: kirsty.foster@phe.gov.uk

Northern Ireland
Dr Denise O'Hagan
Public Health Agency
Tel: +44 28 9040 0000
Email: denise.ohagan@hscni.net

North West

Dr Zakyeya Atcha, Training Programme Director for Cumbria and Lancashire, email: zakyeya.atcha@nhs.net Ms Eleanor Roaf, Training Programme Director for Greater Manchester, email: Eleanor.Roaf@trafford.gov.uk  

Dr Muna Abdel-Aziz,Training Programme Director for Cheshire and Merseyside, email: mabdelaziz@warrington.gov.uk


Dr Jill Morris
Email: jill.morris@phe.gov.uk
Further information at the Oxford School of Public Health website


Dr Cathy Johnman
Clinical Senior Lecturer in Public Health/Honorary Consultant in Public Health NHSGGC/National Training Programme Director in Public Health
Tel: 0141 330 8547
Email: cathy.johnman@glasgow.ac.uk

South West
Maggie Rae
Consultant in Public Health
Public Health England SW
Tel: 07393763725
Email: maggie.rae@phe.gov.uk

Dr Siân Griffiths
Consultant in Public Health Medicine
Public Health Wales
Tel: 029 21832125
e-mail: sian.griffiths6@wales.nhs.uk

Dr Julie Parkes
University of Southampton
Southampton General Hospital
Email: jules@soton.ac.uk

West Midlands
Dr Irfan Ghani
Lead TPD – Public Health, Health Education West Midlands
Email: PublicHealth.Training@wm.hee.nhs.uk
Phone number: 0121 695 2552

Dr Christopher Chiswell
Consultant in Public Health Medicine
Birmingham Children’s Hospital
T: 0121 333 9999 ext 8573
E: Christopher.chiswell@nhs.net

Dr Annette Wood
University of Birmingham & PHE
Email a.l.wood.2@bham.ac.uk & annette.wood4@nhs.net
Phone number 0121 414 7846 (uni) + 07918336061 (PHE)

Yorkshire and the Humber
Ms Val Barker MSc
Head of School of Public Health
Yorkshire and the Humber Postgraduate Deanery
Tel: 07769 160531
Email: Val.barker@hee.nhs.uk