FPH examinations FAQs


Has my examination been postponed?

All examinations due to sit before September 2020 were cancelled in March due to the outbreak of COVID-19, and you should have been contacted if you were affected by this. Additionally, we have now postponed the sitting of the MFPH scheduled for 22 September while we change the way we run exams in the future.  


How will FPH run their examinations in the future?

FPH has explored several options for holding the Diplomate and Final Membership exams in an environment where social distancing was required and movement around the country and use of public transport was discouraged. In early June, the Faculty decided to migrate all exams for the foreseeable future to an online environment, so candidates would not be required to travel to a particular venue.


Which examinations are still running?

We currently plan to run the Diplomate exam in late October and we plan to run two sittings of the MFPH exam by the end of 2020. We will publicise these dates on the Faculty website as soon as we are able.


My examination has been postponed. What happens to my booking?

Please speak to the Education Team about transferring your place on a postponed exam to a future sitting. You will not be automatically transferred to the next available sitting. We will give priority in future sittings to candidates with previously booked places, though we are unable to guarantee a place on the next sitting. We aim to ensure that everyone who wants to sit an exam in 2020 is able to do so.  


Will my exam fee be refunded?

Yes. You will have the choice of a full refund paid into your bank account or a transfer of the ‘credit’ to a future booking. Please speak to the Education Team about your preferred option. Unfortunately we are unable to refund any travel or other costs you may have incurred in applying for an exam that has been postponed.


Will there be any additional fees for my booking to be transferred?

No. There will be no additional fees to transfer your booking to a future examination sitting. You will only pay the original fee when you re-book on a future sitting. 


I need to pass the examination entered to continue my training. What impact will this have on my progression?

We are aware that this may impact on progression through training for some members, and we would urge you to discuss with your Educational Supervisor and, if necessary, get in touch with your Training Programme Director or Head of School. Additional information has also been published by the GMC. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, COPMED and the GMC  have also published a joint statement on exams for doctors in training. The four UK statutory education bodies have also issued a statement on contingency planning for ARCPs


Banking a paper

The banking rules will still apply and candidates can miss a sitting before resitting their remaining paper. For example, if you banked a paper at the sitting in June 2019 and missed the January 2020 sitting, you will be able to carry your banked paper to the next scheduled sitting. If you are unable to make the next scheduled sitting please email educ@fph.org.uk and this can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Under the circumstances, we will be able to allow flexibility on this rule with the support of your Training Programme Director or employer. If you banked a paper in January 2020, you can miss the next scheduled sitting and carry the banked paper over to the subsequent sitting.


Free resits from the UK Diplomate Exam in January 2020

Candidates who sat the exam in the UK in January 2020 and who are eligible for a free resit will be able to carry this over to the next scheduled sitting (or a subsequent sitting if they are not able to sit the exam at the revised date).


Application forms

When the new exam dates are scheduled, we will need to ensure candidates are booked on to the exam date of their choice. Please note that candidates who are eligible for a free resit will not automatically be booked on to the next scheduled exam. Candidates will need to submit a new application form and add a note to the section about fees to state that they are eligible for a free resit. If you had already applied for the June 2020 exam, please email educ@fph.org.uk to confirm when you would prefer to take the exam. A new application form will only be necessary if your details have changed.


What if my transferred examination falls outside of the permitted time to complete my examination?

We will automatically take into account any effect the postponement may have on a candidate’s time limits to complete their examination process. Affected candidates will not be disadvantaged by the postponement of their examination attempt.


What steps are the other colleges taking?

The major medical colleges in the UK postponed their exam in March and are considering alternative methods of delivery.


How can I contact you?

We would encourage you to read all our FAQs as they should answer most of your questions. If not, please contact the FPH Education Team: educ@fph.org.uk.