Final Membership Examination - FAQs for online remote examinations

Please find a list of FAQs below that should answer the majority of queries. We will be updating these regularly and providing more information on how the exam will run as soon as we can.

If you do have other concerns and questions please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing

The dates for this year will now be 18 November and the 4 December with both of these being held fully remotely.

These are going ahead as planned. They will begin online and we will be conducting a review early in the year to access the suitability for continuing with the online delivery of these exams.

26 February 2021 - Online
23 April 2021 - Online
25 June 2021 – Delivery method TBC
24 September 2021 – Delivery method TBC
03 December 2021 – Delivery method TBC

If you have already sent in an application form, the Examinations Co-ordinator will contact you by the end of August to confirm the sitting date you are booked onto. They will also give a link to make payment (if not done already) and provide a copy of the new regulations for you to read. You will need to reply to confirm you have read and agree to the new regulations.

If you have not already applied, please complete the application form. The Examinations Co-ordinator will process this and contact you with a link to make payment within five working days.

The Exams Co-ordinator will be in touch with you by the end of August to confirm your sitting date. This email will include details on how to pay (if outstanding) as well as the revised regulations for you to read. Once payment is received and you have confirmed you agree to the new regulations this will be a confirmed booking.

We review the CCT date of each applicant and will be prioritising bookings on the remote exam for those with CCT dates within the next 12 months.

Please find an application form here which will need to be completed and sent to

Please note that if you have already completed an application form there is no need to re-send this or complete another form unless any of your details have changed.

The process for marking the Final Membership Exam will remain the same and therefore we do not anticipate that the time-frame for the communication of results will change. Your results will still be emailed to you within 10 working days of the exam.

No. As there is a live video conversation involved with the examiners and role players the exam will be at a set time and date. Please make sure you are available when selecting your sitting on the application form.

As is the case for in-person exams, it is vital to be ready to sit the exam at the designated time otherwise your attempt will be invalid.

Yes, please let FPH know if you intend to sit the exam in another country so we can ensure that the necessary requirements are in place.

The exam can be taken in a setting of the candidate’s choice. This should be a quiet space without interruptions for the duration of the exam.

Online remote invigilation seeks to replicate the in-person circuit experience. Candidates sit the exam remotely at a place of their choosing, such as the home or workplace, using their own PC or laptop. The exam will be invigilated by FPH staff who will observe candidates (through their webcam) during the preparation part of each station to make sure they are only using the materials provided. During the examination part of each station the examiner will be performing invigilation as part of their assessment of your performance.

The exam will use the same timed structure for each online ‘room’ with eight minutes at the preparation and exam stations with a one minute gap between all online ‘rooms’ to allow for transition.

Headphones are permitted so that candidates can ensure that they are able to clearly hear examiners and the role players.

Yes. Candidates may have a pen, note paper, and highlighter for making their own notes in the preparation time of the exam. They can use these during the examined time for their reference. All notes should be destroyed immediately after the exam.

Yes, it will be possible to log into the system and practise using various functions. You will be provided with this access in plenty of time before the exam.

Yes, we do not envisage any major changes and will keep as close to the in person exam circuit as possible.

You would need to prepare for the exam in the same way as your would have for the in-person exam as the set up will remain the same. As above, you will be able to test out how the system works prior to your sitting so that you are comfortable with what to do.

More detailed information will be given to candidates soon regarding equipment needed and instructions for taking the online exam.

We are factoring in the possibility of technical issues during our planning for the exam and will provide guidance on this in the information pack sent out to candidates before the exam.

If a candidate’s internet connection fails for less than 4 minutes during a preparation station, they will be able to reconnect and then should inform the invigilator this happened.

On entering the relevant examination station the candidate should inform the examiner of the loss of connectivity. The invigilator for the preparation station will record this as part of their report. If a candidate’s internet connection fails for less than 4 minutes during the examination time, the examiner will record this as part of their report.

No additional time will be granted for the candidate when the connectivity failure is for less than 4 minutes.

If a candidate’s internet connection fails for more than 4 minutes, during a preparation station or examination station, then the candidate will have this station discounted, with their marks being taken from the remaining five stations.

Should the issue affect more than one station the exam attempt will be voided.

Further details can be found in the new FPH Exam Regulations (Online) September 2020 which will be shared before the exam.

You will be permitted to leave your laptop/computer to use the bathroom after the briefing session has finished, but before the exam itself starts. You must ensure you are logged into the system by the instructed time. You will also be able to use the bathroom during the preparation stations if necessary. You will need to notify the invigilator you are connected to, and this will be recorded in their report. You will not be given any extra time should you chose to do this. No breaks will be permitted in the examination.

You will need:
• A laptop or PC with screen size at least 12.9 inches (32.8cm) measured diagonally. Ipads, chromebooks, and mobile phones will not be supported. We recommend you fully charge your device and have this connected to mains power.
• Webcam (internal to device or external)
• Microphone and speakers (headphones are permitted).
• Stable internet connection and sufficient bandwidth: 450kbps up and 1.6 Mbps down. Do not use a hot spot connection or a wireless dongle as these will not be sufficient to support the programme.

We will be providing you a link to a ‘systems checker’. This will test if your device meets the minimum requirements.

Further guidance on checking your system can be found here.

You can have a clear bottle/glass of water with you throughout the exam. You may have a small snack in a clear bag on your desk, but this should only be consumed during a preparation station. No food should be eaten during the examination station.

We hope that the FAQs above answer the majority of queries. If you do have other concerns and questions please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing