Overseas Candidates FAQ

 If you cannot find an answer to your question please email educ@fph.org.uk

The FPH oversees the quality of training and professional development of public health consultants in the UK to make a positive change to the public’s health. As part of this role we oversee the development and Public Health training curriculum and delivery of exams. We also:

  • Set standards and provide practical information and guidance for public health professionals

  • Campaign to improve the public’s health and wellbeing in partnership with local and national

  • We are also membership organisation with over 4,000 members in the UK as well as overseas

To gain membership you will need to sit two exams:

The Diplomate exam is a written exam which can now be taken online outside of the UK.

Once you have passed this exam, you would be eligible to take the Final Membership Exam which is a ‘shows how’ exam in which you apply public health knowledge in scenarios with role players whilst being assessed by examiners.

The Diplomate is available online so can now be taken remotely. Please inform the Exams Co-ordinator of your location when you apply. Please note that the exam will start and end at the current local time in the UK.

The Final Membership Exam will return to an in-person format in September 2022 (subject to any Government guidance and COVID-related restrictions). 

To be eligible to sit the Diplomate exam, you will need to supply an electronic copy of your original degree certificate when you apply. To be eligible to sit the Final Membership Exam you will need to have passed the Diplomate Exam.

The sittings and application dates for the Diplomate Exam can be found here: Timetable and Fees - DFPH

The sittings and application dates for the Membership Exam can be found here: Timetable and fees - MFPH

You can pay your exam fee online. Once your application form has been processed, a link will be sent to you to make payment online. Alternatively, you can pay over the telephone by calling our Finance department on 0203 696 1465.

The Diplomate exam is intended to test candidates' knowledge and understanding of the scientific basis of public health, and their ability to apply their knowledge and skills to the practice of public health. It consists of two written papers (Paper I and Paper II). Both Papers I and II are split into two parts/components A and B (Paper IA, Paper IB, Paper IIA and Paper IIB) and taken over two consecutive days. The syllabus can be found here.

The Final Membership exam/Objective Structured Public Health Examination (OSPHE) is a 'show how' assessment of a candidate's ability to apply relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to the practice of public health. Candidates must demonstrate that they can integrate the theoretical and practical aspects of public health practice. Content can be found here.

By completing either exam you will be demonstrating a level of knowledge of competence in public health as recognised by employers in the UK and overseas. Passing the exams also makes you eligible for categories of membership with the Faculty. Details of membership can be found here.

For career advice, it would be best to contact one of our Faculty Advisers who can offer specific advice on careers and training. Contact details for Faculty Advisers can be found on this page: Faculty Advisers - FPH