The Faculty of Public Health Final Membership examination (MFPH) (OSPHE)

MFPH/Objective Structured Public Health Examination (OSPHE) is a 'show how' assessment of a candidate's ability to apply relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to the practice of public health. Candidates must demonstrate that they can integrate the theoretical and practical aspects of public health practice. More information about the structure of the MFPH can be found here.

Success in this examination leads to nomination to election to Membership of the Faculty of Public Health.

It is not necessary to be in a training programme to sit the examination and to be elected to Membership. However, those in the specialty training programme must be enrolled with the Faculty to sit the examination.

The award of CCT requires the satisfactory completion of a training programme in approved posts and the admission to MFPH (UK) by examination.

MFPH/OSPHE is intended to follow successful completion of the Faculty of Public Health Diplomate examination (DFPH). (Please refer to the training programme diagram within the curriculum for an overview of the specialty training programme.) Applicants from specialty training programmes are advised to discuss the timing of the examination with their training programme director.