The Faculty of Public Health Final Membership Examination (MFPH) Preparation

We recommend that trainees and trainers try out the sample OSPHE scenarios in their placement trainer-trainee weekly meetings. It is expected that trainers, with support from programme directors, will also develop similar scenarios from every-day public health experience, to be used in these meetings.

Trainers and trainees may first wish to use the mini-OSPHE training pack, before using the more comprehensive OSPHE sample questions.

The preparation time and assessment time will each be eight minutes for an OSPHE station. Candidates should familiarise themselves with the layout of the questions and the way in which material will be presented.

Sample Questions
The examples provided on the right also include all the information that is given to examiners and role players as well as that given to the candidate. In all cases, examiners and role players have access to the briefing material used by the candidate.

Also included in each station example are summaries of the marking guidance (‘model answers') for each question. The content of a model answer summary in this guidance is set at a level expected to pass the station with an average pass.

Additional info to help with preparation for OSPHE

April 2006

OSPHE candidates may find the following feedback from successful OSPHE candidates useful:

The rough guide to taking the OSPHE - The combined views of two individual trainees who sat the first OSPHE in February 2006.

OSPHE Logistics and Top Tips [pdf] - the views of three successful OSPHE candidates as presented at the 2006 Training conference.