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FPH has various different routes into membership that vary according to an individual’s level of training, experience or contribution to the field of public health. Please see the individual sections to the left for further information on these standard membership routes and on the benefits and privileges of FPH membership.

Specialty Registrar Membership

Available only to those currently on a recognised specialty training scheme. Trainees are automatically eligible for election to trainee membership on enrolment with FPH.

Diplomate Membership DFPH

Available to those individuals passing the Part A MFPH examination. Passing the Part A examination leads to automatic election to Diplomate membership.  It is not necessary to hold a medical qualification or be enrolled on a training scheme to sit the examination or be eligible for this category.

Membership (MFPH)

Available to individuals passing both the Part A and Part B membership examinations.  As with Diplomate Membership, individuals are not required to hold a medical qualification or be on a training programme to be eligible for this category of membership.  Successfully passing both parts of the MFPH examination leads to automatic election to full membership of FPH.

Fellowship (FFPH)

Available to members and non-members who have been accepted onto a specialist register in public health, usually the GMC Specialist Register or the UK Public Health Register (UKPHR) which will lead to automatic election to Fellowship of FPH.

Please note, FPH has a reciprocal agreement with the Hong Kong Community College of Medicine (HKCCM) that Hong Kong Diplomate members of FPH, who are registered with the HKCCM and have been accepted onto the Specialist Register of the Medical Council of Hong Kong, are eligible for Fellowship.

Individuals who are not eligible for FPH membership via the mechanisms described above can follow alternative routes.  These include:

  • Membership through Distinction
  • Honorary Membership
  • Fellowship through Distinction 
  • Honorary Fellowship

See Distinction Grades of Membership for further details.

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