Sexual and Reproductive Health Special Interest Group

The Sexual and Reproductive Health SIG will provide a forum for Faculty of Public Health (FPH) members, establish an advocacy resource and identify and share good practice in this critical public health area. It will also coordinate FPH responses to government and professional consultations and develop the evidence-base for practitioners built on active horizon-scanning of key developments in the field. This SIG directly contributes to several themes of the FPH manifesto, and it will deliver its aims through:

  • A clear business plan based on FPH and sexual health colleagues’ priorities, the evidence and expert testimony
  • Identifying the most important sexual and reproductive health issues for the UK, the needs of FPH members, the impact of inequalities, examples of good practice and the best ways to share them
  • Providing an expert resource for members, informing the annual conference, raising the profile of these issues through existing networks (if necessary, developing new ones), and agreeing the most effective FPH products including advocacy, research, and training
  • Process outputs which will include an annual report of activity to the FPH Board and regular briefings for members.

Co-chairs: Professor Jackie Cassell: and Natalie Daley:

Useful Resources

If you would like further information relating to sexual and reproductive health, please see the links below: 

Documents produced by the SIG