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Continuing Professional Development

Updates to the Faculty’s CPD policy from 1 April 2024  

The Faculty’s CPD policy has been updated and will take effect from 1 April 2024. This is consistent with the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges CPD guidance, ensuring you meet GMC and UKPHR requirements for revalidation and CPD. Updates to the policy from 1 April 2024 are:

  • Members using the online CPD diary may now record their reflective notes in whichever language is most appropriate for them (paragraph 9.4).
  • There are minor changes to the four reflective questions (paragraph 9.3).

You can access the new CPD policy here.

Continuing professional development - overview

Continuing professional development (CPD) is the component of learning and development that occurs after the formal completion of postgraduate training.

In public health, the overall aim of continuing professional development is to ensure that those who work in the field develop and maintain the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes to practise effectively and work towards improving the health of the population.

CPD is a professional obligation for all public health professionals and is a valued component of FPH membership.

CPD requirements for 2023-24

In accordance with the new CPD policy, all participating members are required to submit their 2023-24 CPD return by 30 April 2024.

Members are required to:

  • Undertake a range of CPD activities which address all of their personal development needs.
  • Submit between 3 and 6 reflective notes linked to their PDP.

At the end of every CPD year we conduct a supportive feedback exercise focusing on how to improve the quality of your reflection.

Help with the new CPD policy

The Faculty held two member engagement sessions to explain the new CPD policy and requirements. Here is the recording of the second session on 15 March 2022.

The CPD helpdesk remains open and able to support you with CPD queries:

For CPD policy and other relevant documents, see below:

SIG resources

Contact the FPH CPD Team


T: 020 3696 1485/1472

Access the CPD diary on the FPH Members Portal
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