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Past Campaigns

Previously, FPH has led on two national influencing campaigns on Brexit and public health funding. These topics were chosen in collaboration with our members and wider public health community.

Brexit campaign

Brexit was a watershed moment for public health and up to 2019 the FPH led a campaign to ensure that a high standard of health was prioritised and protected during the negotiations with the European Union, in order to maintain a focus on inequalities, protection of existing laws, defence against infectious disease and securing health-focused trade agreements.

Emergency Brexit Webinar

In October 2020 the Faculty also held an emergency webinar on Brexit and public health: policy, planning and preparedness. A full recording of the webinar is available below.

The aims of the webinar were to:

  1. Clarify the latest knowledge and evidence on Brexit as it affects the public’s health and wellbeing and the implications for a crash-out Brexit, or an exit with a Trade deal.

  2. Identify mitigating actions for the UK public health system and emergency planning community

The webinar was attended by over 400 FPH members from 20 different countries. 

The public health funding campaign 

In 2018, the Faculty launched an influencing campaign to make the case for increased investment in public health across local authorities and within the NHS.

This is a campaign to make the case for investing in public health services that will work for the next generation and to champion service innovation and transformation. The campaign highlighted the desire of public health professionals across the country to transform services to enable them to play a bigger role in keeping people healthy and well.

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