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Faculty of Public Health Policy Committees

The Faculty’s advocacy or policy function is managed through a number of committees of Faculty members. The Advocacy & Policy Committee is the ‘umbrella’ committee for the FPH policy function and this committee oversees a number of other policy committees and Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Public health is a vast specialty and public health policy covers a huge range of issues of importance to our members and the health and wellbeing of the public.

The Advocacy & Policy Committee also supports the FPH President, Officers and Board in setting the strategic direction on matters relating to public health policy and advocacy. The committee is a decision-making body for the sign-off of a range of activities that our committees and SIGs undertake, from position papers, to consultation responses, reports, evidence-gathering exercises, surveys, media work, and funding applications.

Committees reporting to the Advocacy & Policy Committee are:

Two SIGs report to the Advocacy & Policy Committee; Children and Young People (BACAPH) and Public Mental Health. The Committee and SIG chairs will collaborate to co-ordinate the work of the SIGs and the Committee to maximise their impact.

Further information on all the Faculty’s committees can be found here and the overall committee structure is here.

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Become a Member

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