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Public health good practice in ICSs and ICBs

What may good public health practice across ICBs look like?

  • The ICB should receive independent, authoritative, and adequate public health advice
  • The public health adviser should be a member of the ICB
  • The public health adviser should have local knowledge of the whole ICB area
  • The public health adviser should have good links with the Regional Director of Public Health
  • The public health adviser would be a Public Health Specialist of Consultant status, with appropriate registration (likely a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health)

What makes good practice?

The Faculty’s Local Board Members collated a series of case studies as standards of good practice, reflecting robust and consistent approaches within ICSs, with a just public health input across their boards. These include work on a variety of issues, from care pathway design, evaluation and prioritisation to disease prevention, the wider determinants of health, and population health management, including work to tackle the effects of the climate emergency and the use of artificial intelligence in health and care services.

Several local public health teams up and down the country are doing extraordinary and innovative work to protect and improve the health of the population in the UK. Below are just some examples of high-standard practice.  

Examples of good public health practice

Further examples of good public health practice in ICBs

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