Membership of the Faculty of Public Health Exams

Membership of the Faculty of Public Health consists of the Diplomate (DFPH) and the Final Membership (MFPH) examinations.

Future delivery of FPH examinations

In June 2020 the Faculty announced that all exams would be delivered online for the foreseeable future in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following the successful online delivery of multiple sittings of both the Diplomate (DFPH) exam and Final Membership (MFPH) exam, it was decided that all exams would continue to be delivered remotely throughout 2021.

A planned evaluation of both online exams was completed in July 2021, incorporating feedback from candidates, examiners and FPH staff. The evaluation considered the impact of the new arrangements on exam results, reasonable adjustments, exam security and FPH resources. The conclusion drawn from the evaluation was that there are clear benefits to keeping the Diplomate exam online, and this exam should remain online permanently.

The online format of the Final Membership Exam has also proven successful, providing registrars with a route through their training pathway during the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic and at the same time preventing a backlog of exam candidates. However, taking into account all the evidence from the evaluation, the Faculty has decided that this exam will remain online for the early part of 2022 before reverting back to an in-person format, as long as it is safe to do so. The first in-person sitting is scheduled for July 2022, but this may be subject to change depending upon on the latest Government guidance and any COVID-related restrictions.

The Faculty is committed to supporting registrars throughout their training pathway towards a successful CCT. We are also keen to maintain the format and 'spirit' of the in-person exams as far as possible. Orientation sessions are provided for both exams so candidates can become familiar with the new formats.

We have published a comprehensive set of FAQs relating to exams and you can contact the exams team: with any queries.

The Faculty of Public Health Diplomate Examination (DFPH)

The DFPH is intended to test a candidate's knowledge and understanding of the scientific basis of public health. Success in the DFPH leads to election into Diplomate Membership.

The Final Membership Examination (MFPH)

The MFPH is designed as a 'show how' assessment of the candidate's ability to apply relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to the practice of public health. Success in the MFPH examination leads to election into Full Membership of the Faculty of Public Health.

We welcome applications from anyone with a university degree, it is not necessary to have a medical qualification or to be enrolled in a training course.

Please note that these were formerly the Part A (DFPH) and Part B (MFPH) exams and the new titles reflect a rebranding of the exams only. The syllabus for the exams remains the same and as such, successfully passing the Part A and Part B exams will be accepted as the same as passing the DFPH and MFPH exams.

Useful information for candidates relating to both the Diplomate and Final Membership Examinations (appeals, exemptions, timetables, fees)


Useful information for examiners