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Revalidation is the process by which UKPHR and GMC Public Health Registrants demonstrate they are up to date and fit to practice. Other members of the public health workforce may have similar systems to ensure that they are up to date and fit to practice.

The FPH has two roles in revalidation.  The first is to offer guidance and support to registrants from all backgrounds in relation to meeting their revalidation requirements, which are broadly similar for the UKPHR and GMC. The second is to provide direct support to GMC and UKPHR registrants. 

  • For GMC registrants, by being a ‘Designated Body’ to which they can ‘connect’, if no more suitable connection is available. 
  • For UKPHR registrants the FPH provides an appraisal service and, if necessary, a ‘Referee’ for revalidation purposes.

On these pages, you will find guidance and resources to support professionals subject to revalidation requirements, appraisers and responsible officers. 

FPH is periodically reviewed externally by an independent organisation to inform the quality assurance of our revalidation service. The service was last reviewed in 2019 by the NHS England Higher Level Responsible Officer. In the autumn of 2023, the Faculty engaged with Wessex Appraisal Services to conduct a review of the FPH revalidation and appraisal service. The report of their evaluation was endorsed by the FPH Board of Trustees in May 2024 and can be accessed here.

If you have any questions about appraisal and revalidation, please email us.

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